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About Us

About Today’s Driver Driving School Toronto, Downtown and East York

Serving the communities of Downtown Toronto, East York, North York, and other parts of the GTA, Today’s Driver Driving School a Ministry–Approved BDE Course Provider. Today’s Driver, an esteemed driving school in Scarborough, provides both the mandatory 20 hours of in-class training, 10 hours of in-car lessons and 10 hours of homework. The Driver’s License History (DLH) provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and BDE graduates with a DLH are eligible for an insurance discount.

Our goal is to provide access to everyone to proper and safe and defensive/pro-active driving training at the most affordable rates. Our instructors are highly experienced, most of them with over 10 years of teaching experience in the Downtown Toronto core area. We ensure our education facility is clean, bright, comfortable and modern. Today’s Driver Driving School, Scarborough provides courses and services that are superior compared to other driving schools.


Our driving instructors are well trained professional who have been teaching the communities of Toronto, Downtown, East York and North York. They will teach any beginner driver to become a safe and confident driver.
Within these 10 hours the new driver will learn the basic skills required for driving. At the end of the lessons, the new driver will be given a test similar to the driving test standards.


Our Excellent Program Consists Of
– 20 Hours Of In-Classroom Training,
– 10 Hours Of In-Car Driving As Well As
– 10 Hours Of Homework.

“We have got professional driving instructors who teaches Defensive Driving, Life Saving Skills, Skid Control, Braking Techniques and a lot more with prices that won’t be beat! Safety and Responsibility are at the core of all our Driver Training Programs.”

Following Topics Are Included.

1. Rules of the road
2. Vehicle Components and vehicle handling
3. Driving in the city, country, highways and freeway
4. Driving in adverse conditions (Night,winter and rain)
5. Collision Avoidance And Reducing The Force Of Impact
6. Drinking And Driving
7. Risk Management And Consiquences Of A Collision
8. Car Maintenance

Release of Personal Information

Personal information is collected on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation under the authority of section 205 of the Highway Traffic Act. The information is used for the administration of the Ministry’s driver, vehicle and carrier programs.

Residential address information collected is not available to the general public. Only “Authorized Requesters” who have been approved and have entered into a contractual agreement with the Ministry may obtain residential address information for the purposes set out below:

– Safety recalls by auto manufacturers
– Law enforcement
– For use by lawyers, process servers, bailiffs and private investigators for legal purposes related to the justice system including:
– Service of legal documents
– Investigations which may give rise to legal proceedings
– Locating persons in connection with claims/litigation/motor vehicle collisions
– Repossession of assets
– Verification of information by financial institutions
– Collection of debts resulting from failure to pay amounts owing to:
– Road toll authorities
– Financial institutions
– Government (including courts)
– Municipal and private parking authorities
– Toll collection (e.g. 407-ETR)
– Key tag service (War Amps)
– Automobile insurance purposes (e.g. claims and underwriting)
– Parking violations (private, municipal and government parking)
– Government use for program delivery where authorized by statute

Inquiries regarding the collection of personal information should be directed:

By Telephone To:
Team Manager
ServiceOntario Contact Centre
Tel: (416) 235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445

In Writing To:
Special Enquiry Unit, Licensing Administration and Support Office
87 Sir William Hearst Avenue
North York ON M3M 0B4
Fax: (416) 235-4414

E-mail/feedback form on Ministry website: www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/about/contact-us.shtml

See also “You and Your Personal Information at MTO” at www.ipc.on.ca